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Children's Bible Stories
Children's Bible Stories
Children's Bible Stories
Children's Bible Stories

Children's Bible Stories



Introduce your little ones to the Christian faith with this children's bible, filled with stories that help provide a good foundation for religious upbringing

Walkthrough the bible with this wonderful book filled with over 130 stories! These bible stories for kids will teach them about the most important Christian texts and give them information around the stories' context and archaeology. 

This study bible for children places the stories in both a religious and historical context and includes:  

   • Detailed stories that are easy to understand for children 9 years and older
   • Vibrant illustrations that bring each telling to life
   • Additional information to help children understand the significance and meaning of the text
   • The Old and New Testament 
   • Biographies of key biblical figures

Children's Bible Stories explores the books of the bible in a way that is suited to pre-adolescent children and older. Kids will learn notable stories such as David and Goliath, The Last Supper, the poetry of The Book of Psalms, and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Each story holds a significance that is explored and further captivates the child by including artifacts, maps, facts, and information on life in biblical times. 

This rich resource for children is the perfect gift or keepsake to mark special religious milestones in their lives, such as baptism confirmation.

320 pages

 8-3/8" x 10-1/16"